Fair 2015

Powering the Digital Future

27th -28th March 2015

Sarit Centre, Nairobi

About Us

About Digital Fair

In the last several years, digitization has reached deep into our society and transformed how we do business from production to distribution. The Digital Fair is a 3 day platform for a diverse group of people including researchers, critics, the business network and the public in general to meet, exchange experiences, debate ideas and reflect on essential challenges and the expected impact of digital network technologies in our society.

The Fair provides a platform to different organizations to illustrate their technological capabilities and showcase the latest digital trends. The exhibitors are drawn from all sectors of the economy including but not limited to telecommunication, government bodies, media and advertisings firms, lifestyle product, learning institutions and Techie companies among others.

The Fair is open to the public who are allowed to access the exhibition venue free of charge to interact with different exhibitors, listen to their presentations, experience technology and buy some of the products on offer. The Fair will offer complete digital experience to visitors interested in the latest digital trends, lifestyle gadgets and other technologies designed to simplify and enrich their lifestyles.


Digital Fair 2015

Themed “Powering the digital Future”, the premier Digital Fair was held from 7th – 9th March 2014 at the Sarit Centre Exhibition hall, Nairobi. The Fair attracted more than 25 exhibitors from different sectors of the economy showcasing the latest digital products and services.

The 2015 Digital Fair, dubbed “Digital for effective marketing communication”, is slated for the 27th & 28th of March 2015, at the Sarit Centre, Nairobi. The 2nd edition’s main focus will be on showcasing digital marketing media and communication solutions.

Expected to attract over 50 exhibitors and more than 1,000 visitors from different sectors of the economy, the 2015 Digital Fair promises to be one for the memory books. Our expectation is that more than 75% of all visitors will be able to make conscious marketing decisions.

We will bring together professionals and experts in the digital sector to share on Internet Advertising, Content & Social Media Management, Search Marketing, Mobile Marketing, E-commerce and Web Analytics.

Business Fair

Business Fair 2015

This will be a platform for businesses to display and show case unique and superior technologies that are in use to enhance the customer experience.  The Business Digital Fair booths will strictly comprise of businesses, both corporate and SME, and will offer them a chance to provide a full digital experience to the public as well as generate business leads.

The target exhibitors include hotels, media houses, PR and advertising firms, learning institutions, government bodies, telecommunication companies, foreign companies, technology firms and businesses in lifestyle products.


Participation Packages

Headline Sponsor: Cash sponsorship of Ksh 5,000,000

Being the headline sponsor of the 2015 Digital Fair brings with it plenty of benefits. Key to any sponsorship benefit is visibility. With around 50 exhibitors and 1,000 guests expected, visibility will be very important.

Your logo as the sponsor will appear in all marketing material from print to television; as well as the Digital Fair website accompanied by mentions. This is further enhanced by a co-branded event banner between the sponsor and Digital Fair and the sponsor’s brand colours incorporated into the décor.

Other than visibility, the sponsor gets a 12*e exhibition booth at a strategic point with high traffic and a database to all the event visitors. You will have 3 screens inside the exhibition to advertise your products and can distribute branded marketing materials and products to the visitors and exhibitors. Other than tickets to the event cocktail, a delegate from the headline sponsor will deliver a speech at the cocktail.

As a headline sponsor you will part of the online campaign getting mentions on social media and having 3 company blogs shared through our website. The sponsorship comes with 4 models dedicated to your booth that will show visitors your exhibition stand. Creativity is also on the cards with headline sponsors allowed to execute contents at the event venue. You will also get a report from Monar Strategic Limited after the event.

Gold Sponsor: Cash sponsorship of Ksh 2,500,000

As a gold sponsor, your logo appears on the Digital Fair website as well as all print and television marketing material. You get a 9*3 booth in a high traffic area with 2 models assigned to lead visitors to your exhibition area. Your logo will also appear on the Digital Fair website.
You will be able to set up one screen in the exhibition venue to advertise your products and services. Being a gold sponsor, you have the liberty to distribute branded marketing materials to exhibitors and visitors.
As part of our online campaign, we will mention you on social media as well as share 2 company blogs on our website. You will get a full report from Monar Strategic on the event.

Silver Sponsor: Cash sponsorship of Ksh 1,000,000

Your logo will appear on marketing materials inclusive of print, television and our website. A 6*3 exhibition booth with a power source will be provided to you with one model to direct visitors and exhibitors to your booth.
You will get online coverage on social media platforms and have one company blog shared on the digital Fair website before and after the event. As a silver sponsor you will also be able to deliver a session during the fair and activate a product before the fair.

Bronze Sponsor: Cash sponsorship of Ksh 500,000

You will have your logo on our website all marketing material including print and television. You also get a 3*3 exhibition booth and get to deliver a session during the fair. You will also get online coverage in our online campaign on social media.


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